Dates are the sacred fruits of the Middle East. Arabs treasure them not only for the remarkable benefits they offer, but also for cultural implications they have with some of their great qualities like bounty and gratefulness. Here’s what you would like to know about Best Dates In Dubai, and their meaning and significance to the people.

Types of Dates

Dates can be consumed fresh as they are chosen from palm trees, or can be dried and stored for many years. When dates are dried up and filled in plastic bags, they tend to turn out sugary syrup that keeps dates soggy and scrumptious.


Barhi or Barhee is one of the most well-known date types, which has wide flesh and rich taste. It is more luscious when eaten fresh before dried.


Thoory or Thuri is popular in Algeria, and has a very furrowed and chocolate to red skin. It is typically packed with nuts.


Halawy, Halawy or Halwa, is a very sweet type of date that is little in size and very spongy, which defines the name it was provided which means “sweet”.


Medjool, Medjul or Madjool is a sweet soft date with stringy touch and a skin that has a color of yellowish-brown to reddish-brown. It is developed in Palestine, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.


Khadrawy or Khadrawi is an orange-chocolate to light-russet colored soft date, which is believed one of the perfect in texture and taste and is preferable when taken fresh.

Deglet Noor

Deglet Noor is known as “Date of the Light” and obtained its name because the center of the date looks golden or light colour when supposed up to the sun. It is sugary and semi-dry.


Zahidi is a sugary semi-dry date that has a soft golden-yellow colored skin. It is average sized, cylindrical, has solid flesh, complete with syrup and is perfect for stocking up.