black rose rose box

Do they even exist?

We bet you thought that black roses didn’t really exist and for the most part you would be right. Black roses aren’t a natural variety that you can be found and bought just anywhere, they’re much more exlusive than that.

Black roses, or the so called Turkish Halfeti Rose, Arab Bride or Arab Beauty, originates exclusively from the village of Halfeti inTurkey.

This unique rose is extremely rare and unbelievably beautiful. The rose buds are dark red but this shade fades to black as the summer progresses.

While the Turkish Halfeti Rose can only be grow in this very specific part of the world, its limited availability wasn’t immediately known until the residents of Halfeti were forced to relocate.

Haltefi, Turkey

While the black rose can be grown in other regions around the world, only in Halfeti does the rose bloom in its black hue. Planed anywhere else on the world, the rose always blooms in deep red.

Unreal !

Unique, intriguing and only found in one part of the world, the Turkish Halfeti Rose is truly one of a kind!