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Yes, it is that time of the year. And we have a Special Offer!

Valentine’s day is a day that all women are looking so much forward to, and to which they are counting back the days to; wondering and guessing how their partner will surprise them and what will they gift them.

Let’s be honest. Expectations are growing year by year.

We are seeing all the amazing presents those beautiful, lucky women receive. Whether it is luxury cars, branded bags, expensive jewellery or the trip of our dreams. Social media has definitely put our expectations high!

Still, what do all women truly wish to receive? Flowers!

For centuries, flowers have symbolized fertility, love, marriage and romance. Red roses for instance, typically represent love, deep emotional connection, and have been a powerful symbol of passion for many cultures through the ages. Therefore, giving a bouquet of flowers is considered the most classic Valentine’s Day gift.

Luth Research shows that 91% of men who give flowers to their significant other on Valentine’s Day do so simply to show their love. – How sweet ! What’s more, more than 75% of men have given flowers for Valentine’s Day in the past two years. Great numbers, right ?!

Let those be the romantic red roses, pink peonies or white orchids. Flowers will make us so happy on this special day!

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Valentine rose box

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