Big Rose Bouquet

Order a big rose bouquet of 100 or 101 long stem roses from Beverly Hills Roses. Our talented florists will make an exquisite floral arrangement especially for you. Moreover, our delivery team will personally deliver the flowers to your chosen location.

Some of our most delightful and preferred flowers are red roses; arranged in a box or in a vase. Red roses send a message of love, passion, intoxication, infatuation, and devotion. A bouquet of red long-stemmed roses is always an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift; no matter the number of blossoms.

There is no exact science to the meaning of different flower quantities. However, giving a big rose bouquet of 100 roses or more is undoubtedly a significant gesture. It signifies commitment, devotion and undying love. Moreover, we will add a rose free of charge if you want to have a bouquet of 101 roses.

To send a large bouquet of flowers to that special someone in your life, count on Beverly Hills Roses! We have many large floral designs of 100 roses or more. The combination of the flowers, the quantity, and the surprise element will surely convey the message you are trying to send.

Our luxury flower bouquets consist of the most elegant designer flowers. Sure to impress the recipient of your gift! The big rose bouquet is also perfect for other occasions; such as a wedding anniversary or a birthday.

Therefore, buy flowers in Dubai from Beverly Hills Roses. We deliver to all Emirates; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Ajman and Ras al-Khaimah.

  • Dubai Rose Flower "Hollywood" in Large Black Box

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • Red Roses Globe Shape - 100 Red Roses Bouquet

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood Globe’

    AED  590.00AED  1,790.00
  • Flower Shop in Dubai " Fairy Tale" in Large White Rose Box

    White, Pink & Purple roses in ‘Fairy Tale’

    AED  350.00AED  1,090.00
  • Red Roses Large Bouquet - Hollywood Globe In Round Box - Delivery of Roses Online

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood Globe’

    AED  590.00AED  1,790.00
  • Red roses in valentines Heart Box

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood Heart’

    AED  440.00
  • red rose number flower arrangement

    Roses in ‘Age’

    AED  590.00AED  1,190.00
  • Purple Roses Large Bouquet - Angel Globe Black Box

    Purple roses in ‘Angel Globe’

    AED  590.00AED  1,790.00
  • Gold & Red roses in valentines Heart Box

    Gold & Red roses in ‘Golden Heart’

    AED  490.00
  • Flowers Delivery Dubai "Candy" in Large White BoxPurple and Pink Flowers in Candy rose Box

    Purple-Pink roses in ‘Candy’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • Gold roses in valentines love Heart Box

    Gold roses in ‘Forever Yours’ – Heart Box

    AED  590.00
  • Baby Pink roses in sweetheart Box

    Pink roses in ‘Baby Girl’ – Heart Box

    AED  440.00
  • Red & Silver roses in Heart Box

    Red & Silver roses in ‘Precious’ – Heart Box

    AED  580.00
  • Purple and Pink roses in Heart Box

    Purple-Pink roses in ‘Candy’ – Heart Box

    AED  440.00
  • White and gold rose in a large box for love

    White & Gold roses in ‘White Love’

    AED  640.00AED  1,290.00
  • Where to order Roses "Crescent"Where to order Roses "Crescent" in Large Black Box

    Red & Yellow roses in ‘Crescent’

    AED  590.00AED  1,190.00