A gold rose speaks for itself, since it expresses appreciation and your ultimate love for a special person. Gold is optimistic and positive, because it introduces richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated.

Gold roses are given on joyous occasions; whether it is a graduation, a baby's birth or even while receiving old friends at an airport. Gifting a golden rose to a friend shows them how much you appreciate him or her!

A gold rose signifies the following:
1. Friendship and a true bonding with the other person; and it says that you will give nothing but the best gifts to your loved one.
2. Abundance & prosperity, luxury & quality, prestige & sophistication, which are associated with royalty.
3. Glamour, riches, success & recognition, like the Golden Globe award; perfect for someone who has everything in life and can ask for nothing more.

Beverly Hills Roses has brought to you an exclusive luxury collection of golden roses. You can gift these roses on their own or made into designs such as an alphabet or a number or a heart in gold.

If you want to send a truly memorable gift, choose a golden rose bouquet. Along with the finest golden roses, we also have chocolates and dates in elegantly designed golden boxes. The recipient will cherish these gifts for a life time!

We can also create customized gifts as per your requirements. Our designers and florists will understand your needs and prepare something exquisite for the special day. Please do contact us for any special requests.

  • Valentine's Day Roses Bouquet

    Red & Gold roses in ‘Golden Heart’

    AED  590.00AED  1,190.00
  • Red & Gold rose bouquet in flower box

    Red and Gold roses in ‘Hollywood Gold’ – Square box

    AED  260.00
  • Online Flower shop DubaiRoses in Box "Golden Eye" in Medium Black Rose Box

    Red roses with a Gold rose in ‘Golden Eye’

    AED  340.00AED  1,040.00
  • Roses letter S

    Roses in ‘You Name It!’

    AED  590.00AED  1,190.00
  • White & Gold roses in Round Box

    White & Gold roses in ‘Santa Monica Star’

    AED  390.00AED  1,190.00
  • Red & Gold Roses Large Round Box

    Red & Gold roses in ‘Love is Gold’

    AED  640.00AED  1,290.00
  • 100 red roses price "Love is Gold" in Large White Box

    Red & Gold roses in ‘Love is Gold’

    AED  640.00AED  1,290.00
  • Medium Black Rose Box in " Hollywood Star"Order Flowers Dubai "Hollywood Star" in Medium Black Rose Box

    Red & Gold roses in ‘Hollywood Star’

    AED  390.00AED  1,190.00
  • Buy Gold Roses in Golden Globe - Round box

    Gold Roses in ‘Golden Globe’ – Splendid

    AED  420.00
  • Fresh Flowers Sharjah - White & Gold Roses

    White & Gold roses in ‘Santa Monica Gold’ – Square box

    AED  260.00
  • Dubai Flowers Same Day Delivery "Star" in Medium Black Box

    White & Gold roses in ‘Santa Monica Star’

    AED  390.00AED  1,190.00
  • Gold & Red roses in valentines Heart Box

    Gold & Red roses in ‘Golden Heart’

    AED  490.00
  • Online Florist Dubai "Black Star" in Medium Black Box

    Black & Gold roses in ‘Black Star’

    AED  690.00AED  1,790.00
  • Gold roses in valentines love Heart Box

    Gold roses in ‘Forever Yours’ – Heart Box

    AED  590.00
  • Buy Golden Roses - Flower Shop Roses "Love is Magic" in Large Black Box

    Black & Gold roses in ‘Love is Magic’

    AED  990.00AED  1,890.00