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  • Dubai Rose Flower "Hollywood" in Large Black Box

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood’

    AED  306.00AED  841.50 Sale!
  • Red Rose Delivery " Hollywood Globe" in Large White Box

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood Globe’

    AED  501.50AED  1,436.50 Sale!
  • Roses in Dubai

    Red & Gold roses in ‘Golden Heart’

    AED  629.00AED  1,020.00 Sale!
  • Send Roses "Santa Monica" in a Large Black Box

    White roses in ‘Santa Monica’

    AED  306.00AED  841.50 Sale!
  • Flower Shop in Dubai " Fairy Tale" in Large White Rose Box

    White, Pink & Purple roses in ‘Fairy Tale’

    AED  348.50AED  926.50 Sale!
  • Large black rose box in " Hollywood Globe "

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood Globe’

    AED  501.50AED  1,436.50 Sale!
  • Red Roses Online "Love is in Gold" in Large Black Box

    Red & Gold roses in ‘Love is Gold’

    AED  629.00AED  1,020.00 Sale!
  • Red roses in Hollywood Heart

    Red roses in Hollywood Heart

    AED  374.00 Sale!
  • Roses in Black Box "Peach" in Large Black Box

    Peach roses in ‘Blush’

    AED  306.00AED  841.50 Sale!
  • Flowers in Dubai "Angel Globe" in Large Black Rose Box

    Purple roses in ‘Angel Globe’

    AED  501.50AED  1,436.50 Sale!
  • 12 Roses Bouquet "Blue Lagoon" in Small Square Box

    Blue roses in ‘Lagoon’ – Square box

    AED  382.50 Sale!
  • White & Gold roses in 'White Star'

    White & Gold roses in ‘White Star’

    AED  391.00AED  1,011.50 Sale!
  • red rose bouquet

    Roses in ‘Age’

    AED  629.00AED  1,020.00 Sale!
  • 100 Roses Delivery "Candy Crush" in Large Black Box

    Rainbow roses in ‘Candy Crush’ – Round box

    AED  544.00AED  2,380.00 Sale!
  • Medium Black Rose Box in " Hollywood Star"Order Flowers Dubai "Hollywood Star" in Medium Black Rose Box

    Red & Gold roses in ‘Hollywood Star’

    AED  391.00AED  1,011.50 Sale!
  • Rainbow Roses in a box for delivery in Dubai

    Rainbox roses in ‘Candy Crush’ – Square box

    AED  476.00 Sale!
  • Best Flower Shop in Abu Dhabi "Fantasy" in Medium Black Box

    Black roses in ‘Fantasy’

    AED  510.00AED  2,210.00 Sale!
  • Roses Delivery

    Roses in ‘You Name It!’

    AED  629.00AED  1,020.00 Sale!
  • Dubai Flowers Same Day Delivery "Star" in Medium Black Box

    White & Gold roses in ‘White Star’

    AED  391.00AED  1,011.50 Sale!
  • Online Florist Dubai "Black Star" in Medium Black Box

    Black & Gold roses in ‘Black Star’

    AED  510.00AED  1,572.50 Sale!

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Amazing flowers and great service. They were so prompt and delivered the flowers on time.

As per my friend who received the flowers “They are the most beautiful flowers ever in my lifetime”

So thank you for making my friends day even more special !

The best flower shop in the town!
The cake and flowers are really beautiful. Worth the price and you won’t regret to place an order because the service is 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Kudos to the team especially to Jude for the awesome customer service. Thank you for surprising my friend on her special day a successful one. Will definitely order again!

My experience with Beverly Hills Roses is definitely a 5 star rating! The flowers are really beautiful and elegant. The customer service is superb. I would like to thank and commend the following people. Boris (the florist) for making the flowers look amazing and elegant, Kumara (the person who delivered the flowers) for being very nice, humble and on-time and Jude for his excellent customer service. One of my best customer service experience. Thank you guys!

I ordered flowers for my friend’s birthday, and the delivery was made on the same day and on time.
The customer service was impeccable and the flower arrangement was top notch. Will definitely be using them again.
Oh, my friend LOVEEEDD the flowers so much!!
Thank you Beverly Hills for the great service.

Beverly Hills Roses. You are the best. Thank you for the professionalism that you have been giving to the recipient for many years. Thank you for your express delivery service, fresh flowers and excellent customer feedback.

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