Dates are an integral part of Middle Eastern society. They play an important role during Ramadan when the best dates in UAE are presented as gifts and eaten while breaking the fast.

The best dates in UAE are produced in Al Ain. The Oasis City of UAE is very well known for its lavish greenery of palm trees. Some of the varieties of our tasteful and healthy dates are listed below.

Kholas – These dates are tasty with a butter-caramel flavour and are a good source of minerals, energy, sugar and fibre; hence considered as one of the best dates in UAE.

Fard – This is a date with dark maroon-red skin which is packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, phosphorus.

Lulu – This date is dark brown with a juicy texture and rounded shape and is balanced in its sugar concentration.

Bumaan – This date can be taken as a substitute for snacks because of its natural sugar content like glucose, sucrose and fructose.

Khadrawi – This is a stout oval shaped date that is lightweight, brown coloured, sweet in taste and rich in nutrients.

Razaiz – This is a medium sized date that comes with a gorgeously delicious skin and a balanced flavour.

You can be sure of health benefits when you eat the best dates in UAE! Although science has proven that, we love to eat dates mostly because they are delicious.

Therefore, buy dates online and have them delivered to you or your loved ones not only during Ramadan, but throughout the year!

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