A blue rose makes a very distinctive flower arrangement! Beverly Hills Roses has perfect blue flowers for every occasion; whether it is to celebrate a birthday, a graduation or a new born. These blue roses will surely make the receiver beam with joy and smile.

Blue roses are fun flowers for someone whose favourite colour is blue. Blue flower bouquets also make a good table centrepiece, perfect on their own or mixed with other flowers.

When it comes to roses, there is a story behind every colour but few rival the mystique and legend of the blue rose.

What Does a Blue Rose Mean?

Blue is one of the rarest shades found in flowering plants. Hence blue roses have to be carefully cultivated; and preparing a blue rose flower arrangement requires extra time and consideration.

Darker colours of blue roses can be tied to dreams and thoughts. Blue is reminiscent of seeing a whole new world in your dreams. To show your support, send blue roses to someone who’s taking a trip around the world or starting a new business.

Blue roses are also a beautiful way to show friendship and support to a bride. Many brides choose to incorporate blue into their wedding flowers. This makes blue roses a nice choice for bridesmaids’ ensembles. Blue hydrangea balls tied to a ribbon are also excellent for flower girls.

Blue colour has been scientifically shown to draw peoples attention. So if you’re looking to make a statement, blue flower arrangements are sure to be noticed.