Luxury Roses

If you are looking for flower arrangements made with luxury roses, look no further than Beverly Hills Roses in Dubai! Our luxury collection of fresh flowers will stand out from regular flower bouquets.

These luxury flowers are suitable for all occasions; such as a birthday, an anniversary or on Valentine’s Day. Moreover, no matter what event you are shopping for; our stunning flowers will enhance your gift.

We can also customize these flowers as per your requirements; in colours and sizes of your choice. Our best sellers in this collection are 100 roses or more; delicately prepared in an elegant box and finished with a matching ribbon.

Some of the roses in our collection are very rare; such as blue, black and rainbow roses. Hence, you can expect the price of these roses to be higher than other colors. Because these roses are unique colours, it is best to order well in advance when you want a bouquet of these mysterious flowers.

Not only are we liked for flowers in a box; but we also prepare the traditional long stemmed hand bouquets. Arranged with 101 roses or more, you will love these luxury hand bouquets. Choose from various designs and colours from our selection of luxury hand bouquets. Whether it is a bouquet of single or two colour roses or an elaborate bouquet of mixed flowers.

We use some of our most luxurious garden roses for wedding decorations. Well loved in weddings due to their delicate beauty & style; these luxury roses will ensure that you have an astonishing wedding celebration.