Mixed Flower Bouquet

Are you looking for an extra ordinary mixed flower bouquet? Although we are known for our exclusive collection of premium roses; we also offer an unique selection of mixed flower arrangements.

We have exquisite flowers such as tulips, lilies, hydrangeas, peonies, sunflowers and many more combinations. These gorgeous flower arrangements will truly wow and impress.

Birthday bouquets, congratulations gifts, thank you surprises and impromptu flower gifts don’t get any better than this! Fresh beautiful blooms is what makes our flowers the best choice in UAE. When you want a floral surprise to make a great impression, choose us for our personalized service.

  • Purple-Pink roses in ‘Candy Floss’

    Purple-Pink roses in ‘Candy Floss’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • Red flowers in Round Box

    Red roses in ‘Flame’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • Colourful Mixed Tulips In Round Black Box

    Mixed Tulips in ‘Sweet Medley’

    AED  390.00AED  1,320.00
  • Mixed Colorful Roses in a Round Box - Roses in Radiance

    Colorful Roses in ‘Radiance’

    AED  690.00AED  1,990.00
  • Red flowers & Peach flowers in Round Box

    Red & Peach roses in ‘Vanilla’

    AED  290.00AED  990.00
  • Red and White roses in Dome shape

    Red and White roses in ‘Scarlet’

    AED  390.00AED  1,490.00
  • Tulips in Vibrance Medium BoxColorful Tulips Bouquet In Round Box

    Colorful Tulips in ‘Vibrance’

    AED  390.00AED  1,320.00
  • Pink Roses in Sweet Dreams

    Blush Pink roses in ‘Sweet Dreams’

    AED  390.00AED  1,090.00
  • Yellow, White & Purple roses in Round Box

    Yellow, White & Purple roses in ‘Colour Burst’

    AED  390.00AED  1,490.00
  • Red & Pink roses Blushing Garden splendid

    Red & Pink roses in ‘Blushing Garden’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • Lilies and Tulips Bouquet 2Lilies & Tulips Bouquet - Round Box

    Lilies & Tulips in ‘Glamour’

    AED  490.00AED  1,290.00
  • Purple & White Roses in Pleasure

    White & Purple roses in ‘Pleasure’

    AED  240.00
  • White, Pink & Purple roses in 'Sweet Mix' in hat box

    White, Pink & Purple roses in ‘Sweet Mix’

    AED  390.00AED  1,290.00
  • Purple rose & white hydrangea Bouquet

    Purple roses in ‘Grandeur’

    AED  390.00AED  1,490.00
  • Yellow Roses & Sunflowers in Dazzle - Round Box

    Yellow Roses & Sunflowers in ‘Dazzle’

    AED  340.00AED  1,150.00