Grand Deluxe Collection

If you want to send a gift of flowers to your loved ones; choose from our Grand Deluxe collection. We have beautiful flowers in this collection; arranged in a perfectly sized elegant box.

Whether it is a Mother’s Day or a Valentine’s day; these flowers are suitable for all occasions. Moreover, these stunning flowers will be loved and cherished by everyone who receives them.

Consider Beverly Hills Roses for all your gifts. We also have other items like cakes, chocolates and balloons; which will complement and enhance your gift. Buy flowers online on our website to avail delivery in all Emirates. Contact us if you have any queries or if you have any special requests.

  • Valentines day rose bouquet

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • Fresh Red Roses Dubai in Medium White Box

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • Best Flower Delivery Dubai - White Roses "Santa Monica" in Round Box

    White roses in ‘Santa Monica’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • Online Flower shop DubaiRoses in Box "Golden Eye" in Medium Black Rose Box

    Red roses with a Gold rose in ‘Golden Eye’

    AED  340.00AED  1,040.00
  • Bouquet 50 Roses "Peach" in Medium White Box

    Peach roses in ‘Blush’

    AED  290.00AED  990.00
  • Purple-Pink roses in ‘Candy Floss’

    Purple-Pink roses in ‘Candy Floss’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • Medium Black Rose Box in " Hollywood Star"Order Flowers Dubai "Hollywood Star" in Medium Black Rose Box

    Red & Gold roses in ‘Hollywood Star’

    AED  390.00AED  1,190.00
  • Best Flower Shop in Abu Dhabi "Fantasy" in Medium Black Box

    Black roses in ‘Fantasy’

    AED  590.00AED  2,590.00
  • Red flowers in Round Box

    Red roses in ‘Flame’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • Infinite Rose Dubai "Candy

    Pink roses in ‘Candy’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • The Only Rose "Babygirl" in Medium White Rose Box

    Light Pink roses in ‘Baby Girl’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • Red flowers & Peach flowers in Round Box

    Red & Peach roses in ‘Vanilla’

    AED  290.00AED  990.00
  • Bouquet of Roses in a Box "Candy" in Medium Black Box

    Pink roses in ‘Candy’ – Round box

    AED  320.00AED  990.00
  • Valentine Rose Gift "Blue Lagoon" in Medium White Box

    Blue roses in ‘Lagoon’

    AED  560.00AED  2,390.00
  • Delivery Roses near me "Vintage" in Medium White Box

    Purple roses in ‘Vintage’

    AED  320.00AED  990.00