Helium Balloons

Balloons symbolize fun and happiness for everyone. Any celebration is incomplete without party balloons. Whether it is your home, office or a party hall; balloons add color and brightness to your event.

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Since helium is lighter than air, helium balloons have to be weighed down or left floating in the ceiling. Children love playing with these balloons and leaving them up to the sky.

Helium gas molecules are amongst the smallest on this planet, so it is a challenge to keep them in one place. Helium molecules slowly escaping from a balloon is the reason that balloons go down eventually.

Some balloons float longer than others. Latex balloons have a short float time of around 8 hours, because latex is a natural porous material. So, it is best to inflate these balloons as close as possible to the event. Foil balloons, hold helium well as they are non-porous. Helium usually escapes from the valve over time rather than the surface of the balloon. Because of this foil balloons have a long float time and can last up to a week or more.

Filling a ceiling with helium balloons and ribbons is another effective way to decorate a room. This will dress the space with colour and texture for pure party vibes.

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