We design our flower bouquets with elegance and an appreciation for everyday pleasures. Moreover, we create an unique bouquet of flowers with meaning. Therefore, you can express your feelings the floral way.

When you send someone a bouquet of flowers; this vibrant gift of color makes a lasting impression. Beverly Hills Roses is proud to be your source of joy. For the truly unforgettable memories made when you gift a lovely flower bouquet.

Some of our most preferred flowers are red roses. Red roses have always been a symbol of love and romance. Other rose colors have different meanings. Yellow roses mean friendship, while white roses symbolize innocence or sympathy.

The rose is by far our most popular flower. However, our bouquets also feature the best blossoms from around the world. These flowers are sourced from eco-friendly farms in Colombia, Netherlands, Ecuador, Kenya and more.

We have elegant round, square and heart shaped boxes in various colors and sizes to select from. Imagine your recipient’s surprise when they receive a chic gift box. Filled with a gorgeous flower bouquet from Beverly Hills Roses. Order your flowers online for a convenient yet thoughtful gift.

No matter what you choose, you can be sure that your flowers will be delivered on schedule.  The box itself will serve as a delightful keepsake once the blooms have faded.

Buy a bouquet of flowers and avail delivery all over Dubai. We also deliver to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah.

  • Red Rose Box Same Day Delivery

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood’ – Square box

    AED  220.00
  • 100 Red Roses

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood Globe’

    AED  690.00AED  1,790.00
  • Large black rose box in " Hollywood Globe "

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood Globe’

    AED  690.00AED  1,790.00
  • Flower Shop in Dubai " Fairy Tale" in Large White Rose Box

    White, Pink & Purple roses in ‘Fairy Tale’

    AED  350.00AED  1,090.00
  • Red roses in valentines Heart Box

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood Heart’

    AED  440.00
  • Red & Gold rose bouquet in flower box

    Red and Gold roses in ‘Hollywood Gold’ – Square box

    AED  260.00
  • Online Flower shop DubaiRoses in Box "Golden Eye" in Medium Black Rose Box

    Red roses with a Gold rose in ‘Golden Eye’

    AED  340.00AED  1,040.00
  • 200 Red Roses Bouquet For Love

    Roses in ‘Love’

    AED  290.00AED  1,690.00
  • White & Gold roses in Round Box

    White & Gold roses in ‘Santa Monica Star’

    AED  390.00AED  1,190.00
  • White Roses Delivery in square rose box

    White roses in ‘Santa Monica’ – Square box

    AED  220.00
  • Buy Tiramisu Cake Dubai

    Tiramisu Cake

    AED  90.00AED  266.00
  • Red Gold Rose

    Red roses with a Gold rose in ‘Gold Love’

    AED  190.00AED  290.00
  • Medium Black Rose Box in " Hollywood Star"Order Flowers Dubai "Hollywood Star" in Medium Black Rose Box

    Red & Gold roses in ‘Hollywood Star’

    AED  390.00AED  1,190.00
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake

    Chocolate Fudge Cake

    AED  88.00AED  252.00
  • Trio Chocolate Cake

    Trio Chocolate Cake

    AED  90.00AED  266.00