Fresh Flowers Dubai

Buy Fresh Flowers Dubai from beverlyhillsroses which is the Best Online Flower Shop UAE. Roses in boxes are one of the most frequently ordered items by our clients, but it is worth mentioning that you can customize the box yourself while ordering and choose floral compositions in other box shapes and colors. We have prepared round and square in various colors and sizes to select from. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that the ordered floral package will be delivered on time to the recipient.  The box itself will serve as a delightful keepsake once the blooms have faded.

  • Hollywood in Gold

    Red and Gold roses in ‘Hollywood Gold’ – Square box

    AED  221.00 Sale!
  • Roses in Box "Golden Eye" in Medium Black Rose Box

    Red roses with a Gold rose in ‘Golden Eye’

    AED  348.50AED  926.50 Sale!
  • Large black rose box in " Hollywood Globe "

    Red roses in ‘Hollywood Globe’

    AED  501.50AED  1,436.50 Sale!
  • Only Roses Dubai Price "Vintage" in Large White Box

    Light Purple roses in ‘Vintage’

    AED  306.00AED  841.50 Sale!
  • red rose bouquet

    Roses in ‘Age’

    AED  629.00AED  1,020.00 Sale!
  • Roses for Delivery " Peach & Orchid" in Medium Black Box

    Peach roses with orchids in ‘ Peach Royal’

    AED  391.00AED  926.50 Sale!
  • Small white round rose box in Little Love

    Red & White roses in ‘Little Love’

    AED  348.50AED  926.50 Sale!
  • Gold star

    White & Gold roses in ‘Gold Star’ – Square box

    AED  221.00 Sale!
  • Roses Delivery

    Roses in ‘You Name It!’

    AED  629.00AED  1,020.00 Sale!
  • Dubai Flowers Same Day Delivery "Star" in Medium Black Box

    White & Gold roses in ‘White Star’

    AED  391.00AED  1,011.50 Sale!
  • Large white box in Pure Love02

    White & Red roses in ‘Real Love’

    AED  544.00AED  935.00 Sale!
  • Small square rose box in breeze

    White roses in ‘Breeze’ – Square box

    AED  187.00 Sale!
  • Flowers Delivery Dubai "Candy" in Large White Box

    Purple-Pink roses in ‘Candy’

    AED  306.00AED  841.50 Sale!
  • deep love

    Black & Red roses in ‘Enchanted’

    AED  467.50AED  1,487.50 Sale!
  • Order Blue Roses "Blue Lagoon" in Large White Box

    Blue roses in ‘Lagoon’

    AED  586.50AED  1,785.00 Sale!
  • Large black box in pure love02

    White & Red roses in ‘Real Love’

    AED  544.00AED  935.00 Sale!
  • Truffles in ‘Signature’

    AED  233.10 Sale!
  • Pink roses with a Gold rose in ‘Gold Candy’

    AED  348.50AED  926.50 Sale!
  • Small round white rose box in elegance

    Black & White roses in ‘Elegance’

    AED  467.50AED  1,487.50 Sale!