Godiva chocolates are known for their exceptional quality and unique flavours. The secret is creative chefs driven by passion and innovation; who are always seeking out new ideas. Godiva uses only the finest ingredients in all their chocolates.

Godiva chocolates are created from a very special recipe using the most incredible cocoa; which is sourced from around the world . The process begins with the degree of roasting to the fineness of grinding. Every step of way the cocoa beans are treated with love and care. Godiva chefs’ mission is to make your taste-buds dance and your palate sing.

Godiva has a variety of flavors and fillings to suit all tastes. Whether it is the original Praline made of caramelized hazelnuts; or rich dark chocolate to creamy white truffles; Godiva’s luxury chocolate boxes are the perfect way to indulge. Experience a similar sensation with Godiva’s chocolate biscuits or chocolate dipped strawberries.

Godiva chocolates are guaranteed to make a great gift for your loved ones; and show them how much you care for them. If you want more than one type of chocolate; get a delicious assorted chocolate box and try them all. But don’t just give the chocolates as a gift; get some for yourself as well. Nothing will do a better job of putting you in a great mood, than some of the finest Belgian chocolate.

Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, a chocolate box and flowers from Beverly Hills Roses will make a perfect gift on any day.

  • Strawberries Dipped in Godiva Chocolate

    Chocolates in ‘Strawberries’

    AED  89.00AED  159.00
  • Godiva Pralines and Carres in a luxury Royal box

    Chocolates in ‘Royal’

    AED  179.00AED  1,309.00
  • Godiva milk, dark and white chocolates in Gold Box

    Chocolates in ‘Gold’

    AED  199.00AED  239.00
  • Godiva Luxury chocolate box

    Chocolates in ‘Finesse’

    AED  139.00
  • Godiva Coeur Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

    Chocolates in ‘Coeur’

    AED  99.00
  • Neuhaus Leather Trunk Arrangement

    Neuhaus Leather Trunk Arrangement

    AED  2,660.00
  • Godiva Premium Gourmet chocolates & Pralines

    Chocolates in ‘Ultimate’

    AED  399.00AED  899.00
  • Neuhaus History Collection

    Neuhaus History Collection

    AED  350.00
  • Neuhaus Discovery Milk, Dark and White Chocolate

    Neuhaus Discovery Milk, Dark and White Chocolate

    AED  265.00
  • Godiva Chocolate Biscuit Open Tin Large

    Chocolate Biscuits in ‘Tin’

    AED  129.00AED  269.00
  • Neuhaus Baby-Boy Arrangement

    Neuhaus Baby-Boy Arrangement

    AED  1,500.00
  • Neuhaus Baby-Girl Arrangement

    AED  1,500.00
  • Neuhaus Tray

    Neuhaus Tray

    AED  900.00AED  1,910.00
  • Neuhaus Leather Tray Arrangement

    Neuhaus Leather Tray Arrangement

    AED  1,365.00
  • Neuhaus Leather Tray Orange

    Neuhaus Leather Tray Orange

    AED  1,365.00
  • Neuhaus Hamper Arrangement

    Neuhaus Hamper Arrangement

    AED  400.00AED  800.00
  • Neuhaus Classic Box N3 - Burgundy

    Neuhaus Classic Box N3 – Burgundy

    AED  365.00
  • Neuhaus Leather Box Extra-Large

    Neuhaus Leather Box Extra-Large

    AED  1,165.00
  • Neuhaus Carré Origin

    Neuhaus Carré Origin

    AED  155.00
  • Neuhaus Carré Classic

    Neuhaus Carré Classic

    AED  155.00
  • Neuhaus Carré Crunchy

    Neuhaus Carré Crunchy

    AED  155.00
  • Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate Squares - CARRÉ 10 FLAVORS

    Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate Squares – CARRÉ 10 FLAVORS

    AED  225.00
  • Neuhaus Timeless Masterpieces Ballotin

    AED  231.00AED  660.00
  • Neuhaus Hosting Luxury Box

    Neuhaus Hosting Luxury Box

    AED  855.00
  • Neuhaus Amusettes box

    Neuhaus Amusettes box

    AED  250.00
  • Neuhaus Red Metal Heart

    Neuhaus Red Metal Heart

    AED  165.00
  • Neuhaus Wine Pairing collectionNeuhaus Wine Pairing collection

    Neuhaus Wine Pairing collection

    AED  255.00
  • Neuhaus Coffee & Pralines Origin Box

    Neuhaus Coffee & Pralines Origin Box

    AED  250.00
  • Les Tresors De Neuhaus

    Les Tresors De Neuhaus

    AED  300.00
  • Neuhaus Dark Chocolate Collection

    Neuhaus Dark Chocolate Collection

    AED  265.00