Mirzam Chocolate Makers

Mirzam Chocolate Makers is proud to highlight the culture and history of UAE through chocolate; while creating recipes inspired by the treasured flavours of UAE.

Mirzam is the only craft chocolate maker in Dubai recognized by London Academy of Chocolate. The Academy focuses on chocolatiers who must only use real cocoa ingredients and natural cocoa butter. Moreover, Mirzam’s delicious Dark Chocolate Dates and Fennel spiced bar has won a silver award at the International Chocolate Awards. This is an independent competition recognizing excellence in fine chocolate making.

Mirzam’s Emirati and Spice Route chocolate truffles are crafted from cocoa beans; using only real spices and unrefined cane sugar.

To focus on healthy options during Ramadan, Mirzam has also created an entirely vegan collection. This includes several items made using 100% dark chocolate, combined with fruits or dates. Mirzam’s caramels inspired by the historical spice route are the tastiest gifts; to share with your loved ones during Eid.

Mirzam manufactures real chocolate gifts made from bean to bar; while following highest levels of quality control. The transparent production process, will allow you to experience every aspect of chocolate making.

Order Online for your friends, family, and colleagues! We will deliver in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates, along with your personal message. If you are looking for other gifting options, choose from our beautifully packaged boxes featuring many varieties of dates and chocolates. Squares of single origin and delicately spiced bean to bar chocolate are also available to share.