Mirzam Chocolates

Mirzam chocolates are made of real chocolate by Mirzam Chocolate Makers; an award winning chocolatier based in Dubai, UAE.

Mirzam’s Emirati and Spice Route chocolate truffles are crafted from cocoa beans; while using only real spices and unrefined cane sugar. For the health conscious, Mirzam has also created an entirely vegan collection; which includes several items made using 100% dark chocolate; combined with fruits or dates.

Mirzam caramels inspired by the historical Spice Route are the tastiest melt-in-mouth gifts; to share with your loved ones. While the Date & Fennel Dark Chocolate bar; made with intricate care and careful balance of mixing the right ingredients; ensures top quality flavour.

On occasions such as Father’s day; you can consider Mirzam’s special gift bag full of delicious, real chocolate. While the hand made ceramic trays will make perfect gifts; during the month of Ramadan. Moreover, we have also been working on a selection of elegant gifts and new chocolate recipes; which are appropriate for the occasion.

The dairy-free range of healthy treats feature dark chocolate creations; which are made with UAE-grown dates and intensely flavoured freeze dried fruits.

Our wide range of gifting options are perfect for sharing. Additionally, some of the selection includes; dates filled with crunchy roasted pumpkin seeds and dipped in dark chocolate; or dates filled with coconut and coated with 100% dark chocolate; and finally, Khalas dates dipped in Mirzam’s bean to bar made with dark chocolate.

Choose your favourite truffles, caramels, pralines and chocolate coated dates! There’s nothing better to share Ramadan evenings with family and friends; than with the added treat of Mirzam chocolates! Order from our online store at Beverly Hills Roses; to your friends, family and colleagues in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates!