Neuhaus is a Belgian chocolatier who manufactures and sells luxury chocolates. Neuhaus is the inventor of Belgian praline; a chocolate shell that is filled with fresh cream or ganache. Each praline is graced with its own shape, flavor and name.

Neuhaus is driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to standards of excellence. Moreover, Neuhaus pralines and truffles are still made entirely in Belgium.

Neuhaus has been the premier creator of luxury Belgian chocolate; and uses the same original recipes, artisan techniques, and premium ingredients.

Neuhaus creates gourmet chocolates; using the most incredible cocoa of natural origin; which is sourced from the best farms and artisans; from around the world. Thus, ensuring that every product is a symphony of taste & texture.

Neuhaus has a variety of flavors and fillings to suit all tastes. Whether it is the original Praline or the rich dark chocolate; to creamy white truffles. While Neuhaus luxury chocolate boxes are a perfect way to indulge; you can experience the same with Neuhaus chocolate bars & tablets.

Send Neuhaus chocolates to your loved ones and show them how much you care for them. If you want more choice, order a delicious assorted chocolate box or a gift hamper. But don’t just give the chocolates as a gift; get some for yourself as well. There’s nothing that will put you in a great mood; than having some of the finest Belgian chocolates.

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  • Neuhaus Leather Trunk Chocolates Arrangement

    Neuhaus Leather Trunk Chocolates Arrangement

    AED  3,080.00
  • Neuhaus Chocolates Red Heart Metal Box

    Neuhaus Chocolates in ‘Red Metal Heart’

    AED  190.00
  • Neuhaus Milk Chocolate Collection

    Neuhaus Milk Chocolate Collection

    AED  305.00
  • Neuhaus Discovery Milk, Dark and White Chocolate Collection

    Neuhaus Discovery Milk, Dark and White Chocolate

    AED  305.00
  • Neuhaus Chocolates Hamper Arrangement

    Neuhaus Chocolates Hamper Arrangement

    AED  515.00AED  975.00
  • Neuhaus Chocolates Carré Origin

    Neuhaus Chocolates Carré Origin

    AED  180.00
  • Neuhaus Dark Chocolate Collection

    Neuhaus Dark Chocolate Collection

    AED  305.00
  • Neuhaus Chocolates in ‘ Large Valentine Gift Box’

    AED  430.00
  • Valentine-2023-N2-Closed+open

    Neuhaus Chocolates in ‘ Medium Valentine Gift Box’

    AED  220.00
  • Neuhaus Chocolates Tray

    Neuhaus Chocolates Tray

    AED  1,025.00AED  1,995.00
  • Neuhaus Leather Tray Chocolates Arrangement

    Neuhaus Leather Tray Chocolates Arrangement

    AED  1,525.00
  • Neuhaus Chocolates Leather Tray Orange

    Neuhaus Chocolates Leather Tray Orange

    AED  1,530.00
  • Neuhaus Classic Box N3 - Burgundy

    Neuhaus Classic Chocolate Box

    AED  420.00
  • Neuhaus Chocolates Leather Box Extra Large

    Neuhaus Chocolates Leather Box XL

    AED  1,325.00
  • Neuhaus Chocolates Carré Classic

    Neuhaus Chocolates Carré Classic

    AED  180.00