The Date Room – We deliver the best dates in UAE

An Emirati entrepreneur established The Date Room in Abu Dhabi in 2013. His family owns date farms all over UAE; which they have inherited from their fore fathers. Their family has produced high quality dates for many years. These dates have been served at their dining table with every snack and meal; and especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

The delicious dates always brought a smile on their children’s face because they liked the sweet fruit. Moreover, their mothers also appreciated the good taste and health benefits that came along with it. The dates are more than a food item; since they are a part of life and culture in UAE. You will find theses dates on every table, in every home or office; and with every gift to a friend or even the needy.

These special dates are now available to everyone through a locally founded luxury brand. Each and every date gets the extreme care even before it flowers; because the personal touch begins from the trees and farms.

The Date Room is a family heritage; a delicacy where local culture is made available for all to cherish. Every piece of date will put you in an intimate relationship with the very rich culture of UAE.

Beverly Hills Roses is proud to partner with The Date Room and bring to you these Emirati dates during your special occasions; such as Eid, Ramadan and birthdays.

We will deliver the dates naturally; without any additives, hormones and artificial preservatives. We always guarantee quality products to our customers and great value for money.