Gold dominates in 2017

Gold Roses In Round Box

Gold Roses in a Round Box!

Gold had been one of the most fashionable colors in 2016. Evidently it is becoming a must have during this coming year.

Why Gold is so hot ?

Gold is fun and flattering. While it is also chic and luxury. Gold makes a strong statement and leaves no doubts about breaking the bank.

Order Gold Roses in a Round Box!

Gold Make Up & Glamour

Whether seen bronze gold, yellow gold or rose gold we simply can’t get enough of this beautiful metallic color! There’s no better way to have more gold in your life than by ordering gold roses in a round box for your special someone.

Dubai City of Gold

Known as the ‘City of Gold’, Dubai is your destination for everything in gold. Likewise for centuries, traders have travelled to Dubai’s Souks in search of spices, pearls and gold.

Gold Fashion & Accessories

We have implemented gold into our clothes and fashion accessories. Why not upgrade the gifts that we give? Why not create more luxurious flower boxes?

We have done just that! Choose Beverly Hills Roses for the most fashionable flower arrangements. Undoubtedly, your loved ones will cherish your flower gift.

Gold Roses Round Box

Optimistic and positive, gold adds richness and warmth to everything. While it illuminates and enhances other things around it. Moreover, associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication.

Golden Roses Round Boxes

Undeniably the golden rose speaks for itself. It evinces glamour, riches, success and recognition, like the Golden Globe Awards. The elegance and uniqueness of the Golden Globe Box by Beverly Hills Roses makes it the absolute favourite of this year.

Gold Jewellery & Shoes

Choose from our wide selection of gold roses in various designs. Whether it is gold roses in heart shape or an alphabet or a number designed with gold roses beautifully arranged in our round boxes. Additionally, we also have heart shaped boxes for those very special days.

Surprise your loved one with a sparkly gold box today!

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