Babies are great blessing that really transforms our lives entirely when they get there. As an expecting couple, you have to prepare for your baby’s coming by making sure that you have almost all the essential nursery products. You have to plan perfectly for the striking bundle of pleasure that will change your life in several ways. Thanks to the advanced technology, you can now perform this kind of shopping online. You can simply make your orders online and have them delivered to your entrance. Here are the major benefits of purchasing Newborn Baby Gifts online.


You will obtain lots of time to take care of your baby despite moving around the market physically buying for products. Babies require enough time and concentration right away they are born, and even as they develop. With online shopping, you will not go an inch from your baby, and you can check the nursery products on the internet and place an order.

Products delivered at your door

Another benefit of shopping for your baby’s products online is that the products will be delivered right to your doorstep. However, you have to be more careful when choosing the products online to make sure that you find the right one brought to you. When buying online, you will be necessary to fill an automatically generated by displaying your location, contacts, type, and quantity ordered for. This will save you needless costs in terms of transport and personally choose the products.


By buying your babyhood products online, you will get a wide range of products to choose from. You can see a number of products and even search to look if the products are available. Furthermore, you can obtain recommendations for an alternative product in case the one you would like is unavailable. This is one of the great brains why you should think buying your baby products online.

Most online flower delivery shops offer a wide range of assortment of fresh flowers for online shoppers. These online shops also offer Same Day Flower Delivery Dubai, flowers delivery in India & international cities.

  1. Online Flowers with extra goodies
    Online florists also provide many options of like unique gestures in form of greeting cards, soft toys, yummy cakes, chocolates, cookies & gift baskets.
  2. Flowers for all occasions
    Floral gifts are made for offering in all occasions & events such as Birthdays, Wedding day, Graduation ceremony, funerals, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, and etc. They are even dispatched without any unique occasion/event, just to make the beneficiary happy & delightful.
  3. Flowers for decorations
    Online florists also give flowers in large quantities to restaurants, clubs and other social platforms for decoration. Flowers are also used for beautifying homes, offices, temples and churches. All these places require flowers in bulk to improve the environment & draw positive energies around the building. To provide all these requirements, a vast floral industry is necessary.
  4. Safe & Easy mode of payment
    Another benefit that online flower stores offer to the online customer is credit/debit card payment option. Well-known online florists have secure & protected payment site where account information of the customers are fully secluded & never exposed.
  5. Buy online wholesale flowers
    Flower delivery is significantly popular when managing the wholesale orders. Restaurants, bars, hotels can give order for regular delivery of stunning flowers including mixed roses, carnations etc for their dining places. Online flower stores offers eye-catching discounts on bulk order.
  6. Flexible delivery options
    Online customer’s obtains full liberty and flexibility about getting their flowers delivered according to their specified time & place. Online flower sips are open for 24*7 delivery systems such as morning deliveries, mid night deliveries, same day delivery, next day delivery & sophisticated delivery options. Online florists have wide delivery system & connect with local & international florists.

Dates are the sacred fruits of the Middle East. Arabs treasure them not only for the remarkable benefits they offer, but also for cultural implications they have with some of their great qualities like bounty and gratefulness. Here’s what you would like to know about Best Dates In Dubai, and their meaning and significance to the people.

Types of Dates

Dates can be consumed fresh as they are chosen from palm trees, or can be dried and stored for many years. When dates are dried up and filled in plastic bags, they tend to turn out sugary syrup that keeps dates soggy and scrumptious.


Barhi or Barhee is one of the most well-known date types, which has wide flesh and rich taste. It is more luscious when eaten fresh before dried.


Thoory or Thuri is popular in Algeria, and has a very furrowed and chocolate to red skin. It is typically packed with nuts.


Halawy, Halawy or Halwa, is a very sweet type of date that is little in size and very spongy, which defines the name it was provided which means “sweet”.


Medjool, Medjul or Madjool is a sweet soft date with stringy touch and a skin that has a color of yellowish-brown to reddish-brown. It is developed in Palestine, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.


Khadrawy or Khadrawi is an orange-chocolate to light-russet colored soft date, which is believed one of the perfect in texture and taste and is preferable when taken fresh.

Deglet Noor

Deglet Noor is known as “Date of the Light” and obtained its name because the center of the date looks golden or light colour when supposed up to the sun. It is sugary and semi-dry.


Zahidi is a sugary semi-dry date that has a soft golden-yellow colored skin. It is average sized, cylindrical, has solid flesh, complete with syrup and is perfect for stocking up.

Celebrating the Spirit of the Union

National Day is one of the most celebrated days in the UAE as the historical moment when the seven emirates came together to form one country is honoured. It is a time of national pride and all the emirates, including Dubai, burst out in cultural celebrations.

Beverly Hills Roses offers you special, lovely UAE arrangements that will remind us of the spirit of the Union. These flowers are specially designed by our passionate florist team for this national day.

UAE themed rose boxes are your perfect gift for this National Day.

Let’s surprise our family and friends and celebrate the national day with pride and joy.

Awesome News !

We are so excited to announce that we have started shipping across the whole UAE.

We had been receiving so many inquiries from different Emirates, for which reason we have decided to make our beloved clients happy and serve them nationwide.

Please see the delivery charges below

Dubai ( Free shipping from 10AM – 10PM )
Dubai ( 50 AED night shipping fee )
Sharjah ( 50 AED shipping fee from 10AM – 10PM)
Abu Dhabi ( 50 AED shipping fee from 10AM – 10PM)
Umm al-Quwain (70 AED shipping fee from 10AM – 10PM)
Ajman (70 AED shipping fee from 10AM – 10PM)
RAK (100 AED shipping fee from 10AM – 10PM)
Al Ain (100 AED shipping fee from 10AM – 10PM)
Fujairah ( 250 AED shipping fee from 10AM – 10PM)

For delivery and order related inquiries kindly contact us on +971 55 400 8588.

black rose rose box

Do they even exist?

We bet you thought that black roses didn’t really exist and for the most part you would be right. Black roses aren’t a natural variety that you can be found and bought just anywhere, they’re much more exlusive than that.

Black roses, or the so called Turkish Halfeti Rose, Arab Bride or Arab Beauty, originates exclusively from the village of Halfeti inTurkey.

This unique rose is extremely rare and unbelievably beautiful. The rose buds are dark red but this shade fades to black as the summer progresses.

While the Turkish Halfeti Rose can only be grow in this very specific part of the world, its limited availability wasn’t immediately known until the residents of Halfeti were forced to relocate.

Haltefi, Turkey

While the black rose can be grown in other regions around the world, only in Halfeti does the rose bloom in its black hue. Planed anywhere else on the world, the rose always blooms in deep red.

Unreal !

Unique, intriguing and only found in one part of the world, the Turkish Halfeti Rose is truly one of a kind!

Gold design - Beverly Hills Roses style

Gold had been one of the most fashionable colors in 2016, however it is becoming a must in this coming year.

Why Gold is so hot ?

Gold is fun and flattering. It is chic and luxury. Gold makes a strong statement and leaves no doubts about breaking the bank.

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Special Offer - Beverly Hills Roses

-25% discount

Make your purchase today and get your dream box delivered the next day!


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BeverlyHillsRoses beige flower box

A new chapter began at Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi in January 2017

Beverly Hills Roses

Our company is bringing a new extravagant flower arrangement concept to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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